Full Glass Half Empty

Full Glass
Half Empty

by Ron Voeller

K-12 Public School Education: An Inside Look

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A unique, non-fiction message about elevating the minds and character of all ability-level students, and the dignity of all teachers

Why are standards-based learning requirements for students so misguided, and why do they fail to meet students' needs? Why is the teaching profession looked down upon in the US, when teachers are so valuable for formulating children's minds and development? Why do new teachers entering the public school system have to face innumerable, unnecessary hurdles and barriers, which gradually wear down their enthusiasm for the job? Why do parents who are concerned about and want to get involved in their children's education have no clue how to go about it, because they receive so much conflicting information from public schools?

These are just some of the hard-hitting questions that long-time educator and education administrator Ron Voeller asks in Full Glass Half Empty, a searing look at the state of K-12 education in the United States today. These are also questions that he manages to answer: by examining how good schools and good teachers do it, Ron Voeller comes up with a model that provides concrete, workable solutions for many of the problems plaguing the education system.

Full Glass Half Empty is an important book for anyone involved in K-12 education, whether a teacher, parent or administrator, and who is interested in finding practical fixes to work through the flaws in the political and social framework of K-12 education.

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